1960’s Heuer Carrera 3647N | Black Dial

If you’ve been looking for a vintage chronograph this example is certainly one to consider.

Functional, pure and drop dead gorgeous, this manually wound 3647N (N denoting “Nior”) is one of Jack Heuer’s most iconic designs. This particular example is in top condition - one of the nicest to come to market in a long time. Unpolished case, flawless matte black dial and beautifully aged tritium hands/lume plots.

These Heuers represent a TON of value, especially when you consider they were a direct competitor Rolex’s 6239 Daytona. Both featuring Signer dials (exact same hour markers, milled registers and numerals) and Valjoux movements.

Perfect to be dressed up or dressed down, this watch will be sure to turn heads.