1971 WG Rolex Day-DATE | JApan Stamped



If you’re a Rolex collector chasing pieces with a little extra wow factor, then this White Gold 1803 should tick a lot of boxes.

Produced in relatively low numbers, White Gold 1803s, are watches you don’t come across often, let alone with their surviving bracelets. This is a stunning example, which also features a trait that will leave even seasoned Rolex collectors scratching their heads - it’s bracelet was made in Japan. Yes that’s correct - Japan!

Slapped with large tariffs in the 1970s, Rolex aimed to circumvent import duties by producing components in the receiving country. Production of the all important movement and case was kept in Geneva, while some bracelets (the majority of a Day-Dates gold content) would be outsourced. Once the watch heads were imported, the bracelet’s would be fitted to the head and voila - Rolex was saving tons of $$$.

These “MADE IN JAPAN” stamped bracelets are incredibly rare to find (especially in white gold) and represent an interesting part of Rolex history.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect Day-Date look no further. Iconic, understated and historically important, this 1803 Day-Date is the perfect addition to any collection. Make her yours today!


Dial: Beautiful Sunbirst Silver Dial “Pie Pan” dial with “Door Stop” markers at 6 and 9. Dial is near flawless and takes on wonderful golden hues depending on lighting conditions. Tritium hands and dial have aged to a wonderful, and matching, custard color.

Case: Watch has been minimally polished in the past and remains very well balanced. Matching case and caseback with correct hallmarks present.

Bracelet: Japan stamped 18K white gold bracelet. Bracelet is in great condition with very strong coronet and minimal stretch. 19 links in total.


  • Brand: Rolex

  • Model: Day Date

  • Reference: 1803

  • Serial: 2,7xx,xxx

  • Dial: Silver

  • Material: 18K White Gold

  • Case: 36mm

  • Bracelet: President