1977 Pre-COMEX 5513 Submariner


1977 “Pre-Comex” 5513 Submariner | Maxi Dial

The “Pre-comex” submariner is a watch often overlooked because of how rare they actually are. Produced in very low quantities (low to mid 5m serial range) primarily in 1977. As a result they are often overshadowed by their Maxi siblings. However, we have a suspicion that the pre-comex will be a better investment than their maxi counterparts for 3 main reasons. 1) They are made in fewer numbers. 2) They sport similar maxi sized plots as the later maxi watches. 3) And finally, the pre-comex dial is most similar to the the 5513 and 5514 Comex dials in that the coronet or crown is a bit smushed like the comex dial watches.

This Pre-Comex comes with warranty papers that are hand filled and dated in 1978. The handwriting is also consistent on serial number as well as the name of the AD and date. It is the correct “non-COSC” guarantee meant for 5513’s. The watch is in amazing condition and the lume is a vibrant yellow that stands in stark contrast to the deep matte black dial.