Fog City Vintage - Top 3 Rolex Service Recommendations

We’re often asked for our preferred shops, for service work, so here they are. Each have their specialties, pros and cons, but both are top notch and arguably doing some of the best work in the world. Lucky for us they’re all based in California, two of which are in our back yard – the San Francisco Bay Area. Spoiler alert – none are actually Rolex. Without further ado let’s jump in to it.


Based in Campbell, California this shop is quickly on the rise, and has built quite the reputation for themselves. Initially focused on bracelet restorations and repairs, they’ve recently built out a state of the art shop and are offering a whole host of services. Their watchmakers are all formally Rolex and Omega trained and their rates are very reasonable.

Photo credit: Rolliworks

LA Watch Works:

Founded by Beau Goorey and Eric Ku, LA Watch Works focuses on high end vintage, specifically case work. These guys are magicians when it comes to their ability bring old, beat up and over-polished cases back to life and they cut some of the best chamfers in the game. Trusted by some of the biggest collectors and watch dealers in the world, these guys will not let you down. Only con is, given their reputation, turnaround times can be quite lengthy.

Photo credit: LA Watch Works

Giovanni Passalacqua:

Formerly the San Francisco RSC, Giovanni Passalacqua, runs a small independent service center based in San Francisco, CA. While no longer contracted, officially by Rolex, rest assure your watch will be in good hands when working with Giovanni and his crew.  Pricing is comparable to the above, reasonable turnaround times. Centrally located (Shreve Building/Union Square) many love the ability to hand deliver their watch and personally speak with Giovanni. Giovanni is great option for those folks who live in San Francisco or are passing through on vacation or business.  If looking for something more than service, I’d consider the above recommendations.  Not that his work is bad, there are just better options in my opinion IMO.

Tim Bender